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Jesus Christ set the pattern for how we should live our lives – loving, serving, and being generous with our time, gifts, and talents. We follow Christ’s example by reaching out to serve and support others in a variety of ways.  

Locally, we support: 

  • the Canonsburg Volunteer Fire Department

  • the Chaplain at the Canonsburg Hospital.

  • the elderly in our community.  Twice a month we’re at Canon House – once to offer a Christian worship service with communion (the 3rd Wednesday of each month) and once for a Games Night (the first Thursday of each month) to provide spiritual nurture and fellowship for the senior citizens who reside there, some of which have difficulty getting out to church or visiting friends on a regular basis.

  • the less fortunate around us.  This past Christmas we had a great time buying and wrapping presents for three children from our local school district, knowing that this family would be celebrating the holiday with new clothes, shoes, and toys.

  • the abandoned animals in our community.  Since many of us are animal lovers, we usually have an annual collection of dog and cat food as well as other needed items like bedding, kitty litter, etc. for the Washington County (no-kill) Shelter.

We support other regional and national relief efforts:

  • such as sending money to help small and rural Native American parishes on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota – one of the poorest areas in the US.

  • We help out with global efforts for hurricane and famine relief through Episcopal Relief and Development.

  • and send our Good Friday Offering to contribute to the needs of our sisters and brothers in the Holy Land


Heavenly Father,

Open our ears to hear Your word for us; open our eyes to see Your movement among us; open our hearts to know Your love for us.  May Your worship increase our knowledge and love of You, that we may find compassion, that we may leave in peace, that we may follow Your special call for us, the St. Thomas family.  We ask this in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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